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acct-name: ISP-ID
connectivity: SERVICE-PROVIDER
conn-provider: Upstream 1, 64 Kbps
(untuk conn-provider diisikan dengan Upstream (ISP) dengan kecepatan berapa)
all-0s-subnets: YES
all-1s-subnets: YES
supernets: YES
subnets: YES
portable: NO
cust-network: NET-VOIP 32/128/254 4/8/16 20020226
cust-network: NET-LC 180/200/254 24/32/32 20020226
(untuk cust-network diisikan dengan customer network Adisanggoro)

infrastructure: PART 126 96/96/96 NET-POP-JAKARTA
infrastructure: PART 62 60/60/60 NET-POP-BANDUNG
(untuk infrastructure diisikan dengan infrastruktur penggunaan IP adisanggoro)

network-plan: YES 254 128/128/254 LAN-ADSL
network-plan: PART 254 0/128/254 LAN-ADSL
network-plan: YES 254 64/128/254 LAN-ADSL
(untuk network plan diisikan dengan network plan adisanggoro untuk kebutuhan IP yang direquest untuk kebutuhan apa saja.)


Please answer the following questions that apply to your request.

1. If this is your first request for IPv4 address space, is there any
reason you are not able to get address space from your Internet
service provider?


2. If you wish to renumber out of any existing IPv4 address ranges,
what are the details of the address ranges, and the name, phone
number and email address of the organisation to which you will be
returning those ranges. (If you already provided this information
in the FIRST ALLOCATION TEMPLATE, please skip this question.)

3. Do you have any additional comments (refer to "Additional Comments"
in the help guide for things to include here)?

Additional Comments:

[DEPLOYMENT SCHEDULE], silahkan mengacu pada contoh.

The Equipments that are shown below are the New Equipments that we will
use for Expanding more IP's:
1. For LAN-ADSL we will use:
a. 7 units Cisco 6200, each of them have 1 port OC3 interface ==>will be
use for DSLAM in 17 Central.
b. 80 units Cisco 677 with 1 Fast ethernet port ,1 ATM port ==> CPE on the
Customers side
c. 3 units: Cisco 7206 with 1 port E3 ATM and 1 OC3 port Interface ==> for
Backbone MPLS

2. For VSAT IP the equipment that they will use:
a. 1 unit Cisco 3640 with 8 Serial & 2 Fast Ethernet ==> IP Gateway VSAT IP
b. 16 units Cisco 1601 with 2 serial & 1 ethernet ==> IP Gateway VSAT IP

3. For WHOLESALE existing Equipments,they have plan to adding a few ports
for E1 ISDN & analog in RAS

a. 1 unit Cisco 7206 with 1 port HSSI , 8 port E1 & 2 Fast Ethernet ==> for
Dedicated Gold Class Idola (Their Services Name)
b. On Router 7206 Silver Class they adding 8 serial V35 ports==> For
Dedicated Silver Class Idola (their Services Name) , existing they have 1
port E3

5. For CENTRAL NETWORK , they use :
a. 8 units Cisco 3662 with 4 serial ports & 2 Fast Ethernet ==> Backbone MPLS
b. 4 units Cisco 3640 with 2 Serial ports & 2 Fast Ethernet ==> Backbone MPLS
c. 1 unit Cisco Catalyst 2924 ==> Backbone MPLS
d. 1 unit Cisco Catalyst Switch 3548 ==> Backbone Idola
e. 1 unit Cisco PIX 525 with 6 ethernet ports ==> NOC 2 Idola